Difference between a Data Scientist and a Machine Learning Engineer

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    How to Hire – Data Scientist vs Machine Learning Engineer

    The primary reason for the confusion surrounding the difference between a machine learning engineer and a data scientist is because they are both comparatively new to other computer technologies.

    Another cause of confusion that stems from the one I just mentioned comes from H.R., recruiters, and hiring managers, who reasonably can become dazed with the bombardment of new terms and buzzwords hovering around.

    This causes them to label job positions inaccurately, often seeming like they are choosing them on a whim. One H.R. representative may call a job position data analytics specialist when in fact they need a data analyst another may employee a junior data scientist when they require a business intelligence analyst, Of course, there are many companies that word their job offers brilliantly but this is not standard across the board which can cause even more of a mess now.

    In the document below you will find an aggregated concise and to the point structure containing all technical and business terms that are frequently used in the field of data science.

    We begin by clarifying the similarities and differences between the terms of business analytics, data science, business intelligence, and machine learning.

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